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About Lucinda Elizabeth

Creating confidence in your content

Hi, I'm Lucinda, but everyone calls me Lucy.
I'm a sole trader ghostwriter and editor with a knack for writing. I founded my business in 2021 to help other small and micro-businesses with their written content.

My Mission

Content writing doesn't need to be scary.

As I started working with small and micro-businesses, I discovered a fascinating phenomenon. Let's call it a content wall.

The content wall is the invisible wall many business owners subconsciously build when they consider publishing a piece of content. The wall represents their deepest fears about online content:
"Is my idea good enough for people to read?"

"What if someone thinks it's wrong?"
"What if this is rubbish?"

"I'm no good at this - I should keep my ideas to myself."


Does this sound like you?

My mission is to help business owners smash that wall and take the leap to start publishing written content. Planning, publishing, and promoting your content effectively leads to fantastic benefits for your business:

  • Supercharging your online visibility.

  • Generating high-quality leads.

Want to learn more? Read my story below!

Meet the Owner



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Founder and Head Writer

  • Can I submit a guest blog proposal for your blog?
    At the moment, we do not accept guest blog posts. This may change in the future.
  • What is a ghostwriter?
    A ghostwriter is someone who writes a piece of content on behalf of someone else without being credited. Examples include books, blog posts, and website pages.
  • What is the difference between a ghostwriter and a content writer?
    Whereas a content writer often has their work credited in a byline, a ghostwriter does not.
  • Can you do copywriting?
    The short answer is no. My services involve content writing, which aims to educate and inform readers. For more information about the differences between copywriting and content writing, please refer to the blog post linked below.
  • Is any of the writing outsourced?
    No, we currently do not outsource any of our writing.
  • How can I make a payment?
    There are three methods for making a payment: Subscribe to a pricing plan (for recurring payments only) Pay directly through the invoice Send payment via bank transfer (in special cases only) Payments will only be taken once you agree to a particular service.

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